HNjib – Meryem Idrissi

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14 April 2016

The Quotes :

When my Father finish work and comes back home, he always stop by to drug store to bring with him stuffs needed for the family. Sadly, most of the time, he forget something ! So I always find myself going out to buy it !!! :(


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Second Chance – Wiam Benhemmou

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14 April 2016


The Quotes :

“I always get angry when I heard someone died because of lack of organs or blood availability.” 

“I get even more revolted knowing that there is so many people out there that are ready to give their blood or organs if they are asked to save someone’s life !

“Technology should allow people to help each other when they most need it ! “

The problem or the need : 

Many sick people that are needing blood or organs die from not having met the right doners at the right time !


The hack :

Mobile application for “matching service” between sick people and potential doners !


The App Demo :


The Business Model : 

Inside App Ads for Medicine Institutions


The Founder :

Contact : 

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